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Who We Are

Founded in 2006 in Lincoln, Neb., Hudl is a leading performance analysis company empowering sports teams to achieve their goals with best-in-class software and hardware.

With 3,200 employees operating out of 17 countries, we're building the world’s most powerful network of sports video and data.



Teams across 40+ sports


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Div. I and Pro Teams

What We Do

With data linked to game footage, teams spend less time trying to find key moments and more time reviewing what matters.

We have a full suite of products to cover every stage of the game. In the days before a match, teams can prepare by scouting tendencies, exchanging film, uploading video and messaging their teams. 

During games, our instant replay systems Hudl Sideline and Hudl Replay help coaches adjust in real time, and our smart camera Hudl Focus captures, uploads and livestreams all the action.

And post-game, coaches have access to unlimited stat breakdowns and advanced reports, plus tools like video playlists to better teach their players during film sessions and individual review. 

Speaking of players, there are also highlight reels and recruiting packages to make sure they can easily share their best moments with the world.

Why It Matters

Each moment in sports can change the plan, change the game and change lives. Our mission is to make every moment count.

Nelson Mandela said it best: “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.” 

Sports are a powerful force. To us, it’s not only about winning or losing. It’s about what playing sports gives back to everyone involved. Our passion is to help coaches, athletes, analysts, recruiters, leaders of sports organizations, and fans get the most out of every moment.

In the News

“With about 98 percent of all high schools working with Hudl for at least one sport, [...] not to mention every single team in the English Premier League, most of Bundesliga, La Liga, Chinese Basketball Association and Super Rugby, Hudl is growing worldwide, at a variety of levels.”

How Hudl Went From A Nebraska Startup To A Global Sports Video Data Giant

“[Hudl] will allow them to jump on Zoom, or whichever technology they want to use, and keep their videos synced-up across platforms so that whatever the coach is watching [...] the athletes can see the exact same part on their video.”

The Pandemic Is Accelerating a Shift in Youth Sports From a Hobby to a Profession

“We are excited to invest in a business with a passion for its customers, employees and products with leading market positions across the world.”

Hudl, the Global Leader in Sports Performance Analysis Solutions, Announces Growth Investment from Bain Capital Tech Opportunities

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